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2 min readDec 17, 2022

As trading on the Zeta DEX resumes, we are thrilled to present our plans to bolster liquidity and solidify our position as the defacto derivatives hub for Solana.

Zeta’s market maker program has been designed to offer attractive incentives for traders of all sizes. But rewarding takers is also just as important.

To support retail traders on Solana, Zeta will launch its taker reward program effective today. Taker rewards will operate in tandem with our existing referral program. Importantly, we’re excited to launch taker rewards with a weekly pool of 2,000 USDC.

Market Maker Program

Zeta’s generous market maker program has been designed to attract the best liquidity providers to Solana. On top of a 3bps rebate, a weekly cash bonus pool of up to 4,500 USDC is available to makers who top the volume in futures and perpetual markets.

If you’re looking to get set up to trade, Zeta offers an end-to-end onboarding experience with 24/7 coverage. Reach out to learn more about the market maker Program, and let us know in discord if you have any questions.

Taker Rewards

Takers are the lifeblood of any exchange, and incentivizing their participation will be a meaningful catalyst for liquidity. Beginning on the 16th of December, we’re incentivizing takers by allocating a pot of USDC for traders to share. The weekly reward (currently 2,000 USDC) will be divided up by each user’s share of fees paid for that week and distributed to eligible accounts every Friday.

For more details, see rewards.


How are rewards distributed?

Rewards will be distributed retroactively at the end of every week. It’s up to the end user to claim. You can view and claim your rewards at https://zeta.markets/rewards.

How do I earn rewards?

Rewards are earned by trading on the exchange. If you are making markets, your orders will likely count toward the market maker program. If you are taking orders, these will count towards the taker reward program.

How are rewards calculated?

Rewards are measured based on your contribution to taker or maker volume in a given week. We define these weekly periods as ‘epochs.’ An Epoch is a 7-day period that begins and ends every Friday at 08:00 UTC.

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