Partnership Announcement: Zeta x Katana

What Does This Mean?

At a very high level this means that Katana will be integrating its yield generation primitive with the Zeta DEX, which should ultimately allow Katana users to benefit from higher yields. This also brings Zeta and Katana one step closer to fulfilling their joint vision of permissionless innovation, and unlocking the true potential of DeFi.

Why Is This Important?

Vault products have seen phenomenal growth in the second half of 2021, and the demand for on-chain derivatives continues to follow this trend. This has captured the interest of both retail and institutional investors. As such, there is a natural overlap in Zeta & Katana’s product offerings — every yield generation primitive (a Katana vault) needs infrastructure (Zeta DEX) and every infrastructure primitive needs liquidity to be able to provide a best in-class trading experience.

When Will This Be Available?

We expect that this will be live and available to Katana users early in Q1 as the Zeta DEX goes live on mainnet(!). Stay tuned for more big announcements coming soon and make sure to join our community!



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