Zeta Bi-Weekly Update (06/08/21)

Project Update

The team spent the last fortnight building functionality into the Alpha so that we can easily run competitions. There was a whole suite of new features such as an expanded leaderboard and the ability to set an alias to display on the leaderboard. We also worked on user experience enhancements by building an onboarding flow to help users understand the platform and get their accounts set up correctly.

Community Update

Our community is stronger than ever and growing quite rapidly. We have been able to collaborate with some amazing individuals and projects!

  • 19.1k Discord members
  • 13.6k Twitter followers
  • 1.5k Medium followers
  • Over 1.1k registrations for The Zetaverse Trading Competition!

Zetaverse Trading Competition

Over the last weekend, we opened up the platform to the universe by running the Zetaverse Trading Competition. We had over 1000 participants sign up and four celebrity traders — including Kevin Rose, Sam Trabucco representing Alameda Research, MGNR, and Evgeny Gaevoy representing Wintermute. We were able to offer some amazing prizes! — Including our first official set of Zetaverse NFT Trading Cards (see down below). A big thanks to the artist @ddaapph for curating these and Solarians for helping us mint them!

What’s Next?

The team is shifting its focus to V2 and building out the full Vanilla options platform — while the devs build out the core components, we will also be designing and testing the prototype of the new user interface.


We are thrilled to keep finding new ways to connect, share and grow with you all.



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