Zeta Bi-Weekly Update (06/08/21)

Hey ZetArmy! We hope this article finds you well! We have had an amazing couple weeks and are excited to share what we have accomplished in this time.

This article will cover our overall project and community update, along with a recap of our Zetaverse Trading Competition. Let’s dive in!

Project Update

The team spent the last fortnight building functionality into the Alpha so that we can easily run competitions. There was a whole suite of new features such as an expanded leaderboard and the ability to set an alias to display on the leaderboard. We also worked on user experience enhancements by building an onboarding flow to help users understand the platform and get their accounts set up correctly.

On the development of Zeta V2 for vanilla options, we made substantial progress on multiple fronts. We’ve been building out our understanding of Serum’s architecture and spent some time digging into their implementation. We received a lot of feedback on our pricing chart, so we spent the last few weeks rebuilding how we display the price and building tradingview charts for Pyth’s feed — lookout on Zeta’s Alpha for a sneak peek. This should mean that the price feed we are using for the price chart and our options are in sync. We also spent a lot of time prototyping V2 and look forward to testing this with users and refining our design so that we can build the most intuitive user interface possible. If you are keen on providing feedback on the prototype, please reach out! We’d love to talk.

Community Update

Our community is stronger than ever and growing quite rapidly. We have been able to collaborate with some amazing individuals and projects!

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a look into our overall growth.

  • 19.1k Discord members
  • 13.6k Twitter followers
  • 1.5k Medium followers
  • Over 1.1k registrations for The Zetaverse Trading Competition!

Thank you all for your support ❤

These past couple of weeks, we have enjoyed collaborating with some epic individuals and projects! One of our core contributors, Tristan, had an interview with Kevin Rose on The Modern-Fi Podcast. To listen, head to the link here and learn about Tristan’s background, our project, and more.

We also were invited to join Solana for Solana Season Demo Day hosted by ParaFi Capital and Sino Global Capital. You can head to the link here in case you missed out! We highly recommend you listen and check out all the projects featured. The SOL ecosystem is booming, and we’re honored to be represented alongside you all!

Our options educational posts are coming along great. You can find weekly threads coming to our Twitter. Yesterday we took a small dive into options jargon covering settlement in options trading. Go check it out and if there is anything else you would like to see leave a comment.

On our Discord, we have been very busy dreaming up ideas for events. Look out for new and consistent Zeta challenges, with plenty of chances to earn XP and level up!

There are exciting things we are looking to release in the coming weeks. If you haven’t subscribed to our Youtube yet, we’d highly recommend doing so now 🤗. We just shared a video on how to trade on our binary options platform to help prepare our community for our Zetaverese Trading Competition that we held this past weekend!

Before we hop into that, thank you again for your unwavering support and dedication to Zeta. Our community is active and thriving, we owe it all to you!

Zetaverse Trading Competition

Over the last weekend, we opened up the platform to the universe by running the Zetaverse Trading Competition. We had over 1000 participants sign up and four celebrity traders — including Kevin Rose, Sam Trabucco representing Alameda Research, MGNR, and Evgeny Gaevoy representing Wintermute. We were able to offer some amazing prizes! — Including our first official set of Zetaverse NFT Trading Cards (see down below). A big thanks to the artist @ddaapph for curating these and Solarians for helping us mint them!

The competition ran smoothly with a thrilling finish where @ddaapph and @30hz dueled it out till the last expiry. You can see the final leaderboard here. This is an awesome tweet that covers some of the key stats linked here.

Thank you to the ZetArmy for participating — we look forward to hosting more competitions in the future. If you have any feedback, please head to our Discord and post it in the feedback channel — we’d love to hear from you.

What’s Next?

The team is shifting its focus to V2 and building out the full Vanilla options platform — while the devs build out the core components, we will also be designing and testing the prototype of the new user interface.

On the community side, we are focusing on getting more educational content going! Like we said before, go and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already. We are also looking to do more community events on Discord, so stay posted on our announcements channel and Twitter.


We are thrilled to keep finding new ways to connect, share and grow with you all.

As mentioned above, we will be testing out the prototype for V2 — if you are interested in providing feedback, please let us know your thoughts in the feedback channel on our Discord!

Make sure to stay connected by following our Twitter, Instagram, and Discord! Once again, we are incredibly grateful for every single one of you!

Zeta (ζ) is the premier under-collateralized DeFi derivatives exchange, providing liquid derivatives trading to individuals and institutions alike.