Zeta Bi-Weekly Update (12/07/21)

Hey ZetArmy! With the hackathon over, we are excited to bring back our fortnightly updates! Although we miss the craziness of hack season, we are stoked to share in-depth details of the progress we are making!

This article will cover our overall project and community update, along with a quick dive into the legendary things we have planned here at Zeta. Let’s get into it!

Project Update

You would think that things at Zeta have calmed down after the storm that was the hackathon. However, Zeta has kept the momentum going.

The list of Zeta contributors has swelled! We now have ten full-time contributors helping build the platform and run the community. We also have a handful of part-timers working with design and business development activities.

Within product development, we’ve been splitting our focus between refining the binary options alpha and building out our full options product. The binary options platform we unveiled for the Solana Season Hackathon has been through a phase of refactoring and optimization, with the objective of building a more stable trading platform that scales to more users. Going forward, the objective of this platform will be to provide a simplified options trading experience that users can paper trade and use for educational purposes.

In parallel, development of the full options trading platform has kicked off! We have been tackling the Serum integration so that our options can trade on the serum markets and benefit from their orderbook and matching engine. We also have another workstream focussing on planning and defining all the other components of our full vanilla options platform.

Community Update

We are in awe of the community we have created! Your dedication and support have been unwavering. We’re incredibly grateful for all of you! Since our last weekly recap, we have launched some epic things!

To start off, let’s take a look at our growth!

  • 20.1k Discord members
  • 12.6k Twitter followers
  • 1.4k Medium followers
  • Over 3k submissions to join our Alpha!

We are blown away, to say the least! We love you all!

We also had a blast on our first AMA with @Whalesfriend at Grape Protocol! We had an amazing conversation answering big questions about Zeta and the team! If you missed it, you can still watch it linked here!

This week we were interviewed by Serum for their new series, Serum Stories. We are honored to kick off the series as their first interview! We talk about some of our accomplishments and a little on our journey. Make sure to go and give it a read linked here!

We are looking forward to doing more AMAs and collaborations! For future updates about things like this keep an eye on our Twitter!

With the new levelling system in full flow, the Zeta Discord channel is now ready to introduce a weekly schedule for events and competitions! Over the coming days and weeks, we will be asking for you (the community) to vote in polls that dictate events each week. With this, there will be plenty of chances to gain experience points towards your next level!

As for options education, we just released another Zeta 101 article covering bearish options strategies. It is the first in our options strategies series, be sure to check out our future articles! We have also started creating educational content via our Twitter and Instagram. These posts offer comprehensive dives into options jargon, and more informational threads!

We look forward to sharing more easy-to-digest educationals! We are always open to your feedback and would love to hear more about what content you would like to see! A special thanks to everyone who has reached out to us to share their feedback!

What’s Next

We have two key objectives going forward. First, development of the full vanilla options platform. Second, our focus will be on developing our community through posting more educational content and running campaigns that get the community more involved in our product (announcement soon!). We understand that these go hand in hand, and keeping them balanced keeps Zeta in balance!


There are many things to look forward to this upcoming week! We are making some big announcements. Make sure to stay connected by following our Twitter, Instagram, and Discord! Once again, we are incredibly grateful for you all!

Zeta (ζ) is the premier under-collateralized DeFi derivatives exchange, providing liquid derivatives trading to individuals and institutions alike.