Zeta Flex integration with Snowflake Safe Multisig

Working together to bring options trading to an institutional custody store.

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2 min readSep 2, 2022


Zeta is excited to partner with Snowflake, an institutional-grade multi-signature and automation platform on Solana. With this integration, users, teams, DAO’s and institutions will now be able to interact with Zeta Flex directly through Snowflake Safe’s App Store.

Zeta Flex is an on-chain derivatives application that allows you to create cash or physically settled options between multiple counterparties. These contracts allow users and teams to create on-chain agreements with more nuance than ever before.

Zeta Flex naturally lends itself to commercial deals between project treasuries and counterparties such as institutions, employees, or community members. With the help of Snowflake, builders and institutions can take advantage of Zeta Flex from a secure multisig with just a few clicks.

How does this integration work?

  1. Navigate to https://safe.snowflake.so
  2. Create a secure Multisig Safe.
  3. Once in your Multisig Safe, click Apps -> Zeta Flex. Your wallet will be immediately connected to the Safe Wallet.
  4. Select the type of option you would like to create: Cash or Physically settled.
  5. Select the underlying mint of the collateral you would like to use. You can see a full list of available collaterals here.
  6. Select the strike price you would like the end user to pay for the tokens.
  7. Select the Settlement Start Date.
  8. Select the Settlement End Date (Expiry).

Navigate to the Zeta Flex docs to learn more.


We’re stoked to be able to combine two amazingly complementary products into one. Institutions and project treasuries using Snowflake now have a swiss army knife for incentives at their disposal. Institutional-grade custody is required for many users of options and we’re excited to see the range of use cases this will support.

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