Zeta Global Bounty Program

How to Get Involved

We recently open sourced FuZe, a Cross Program Invocation (CPI) interface for Solana developers, as well as a number of helpful examples and reference implementations on how to compose with the Zeta DEX.

Bounty Program — Technical and Non-Technical Bounties

The program includes tasks for both developers and content creators. For a full list and explanation of each task, please refer to the list on Github below.

Developer Items



It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned DeFi degen, or newcomer to Solana. We’re excited to see genuine development attempts and informative content from all walks of life. Bounties will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the submission to the bounty description.
  • Skill level of the developer/content creator.
  • Quality of the submission.
  • Social engagement of content.


Of the total $250k allocated to rewards, approximately $50k will be allocated to content creators, and $200k will be allocated to developers.

Content Creators

We encourage content creators to post their submissions publicly on social media and then in the # 💻 | Bounties channel of our discord.


Developers and content creators should reach out to us directly via our discord for further instructions on claiming bounties.



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