Zeta Weekly (23/5/21)

Hey ZetArmy! This article marks our first weekly update blog which we will be putting out at the close of each week. The purpose of these recaps is to briefly reflect on what happened over the week as well as share what exciting things are in the pipeline for the coming week. We love our community and want to keep you all looped in for the journey ahead! ❤️


📈 Within just a week we’ve already smashed:

That’s some unreal growth and we can’t thank you all enough for the support 🙏 . On our Discord, we have an active community from all across the globe 🌐 , and an amazing community manager and moderator team who make it a friendly and fun environment for all. Thanks to all the awesome server boosters we also kicked off an art competition for our Discord server banner, the winners of which will be announced soon.

In other news, Zeta enrolled in the Solana Season Hackathon and all three of the co-founders wrapped up their jobs to go full-time on Zeta 💪 . Over the week we’ve grown the team to 8 amazing, passionate individuals with skills ranging from full-stack software engineering, design and UI/UX, business development and community management 🚀.

The humble beginnings of the Zeta “office”

We also spent a few days polishing our Gitbook litepaper which will be published very soon (stay tuned 👀). This elaborates on more of the mechanics of how Zeta will bring efficient options trading to DeFi. Furthermore, our awesome FE Engineers whipped up a sleek new landing page. In terms of product, we’ve been working hard to architect the back-end in Anchor and are continually integrating it with a minimalist front-end to get something working end-to-end.

Most recently we also released our educational blog, Zeta 101. The first post, “What’s an Option?”, explains in simple terms what options are and why they’re typically used in traditional markets.



Zeta (ζ) is the premier under-collateralized DeFi derivatives exchange, providing liquid derivatives trading to individuals and institutions alike.